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WHOAMI? Releases New Music And Announces A Project Is On The Way

By: Myles Matthews

Photo credits: Mackenzie Brown
Photo credits: Mackenzie Brown

Glassboro, NJ - Monday, April 6th multi-talented recording artist WHOAMI? released his latest single, Quarantine. WHOAMI? is a 22-year-old hip-hop/soul artist from Camden, New Jersey with multiple projects streaming across a variety of platforms. WHOAMI? is an artist who has the unique ability to switch up flows and topics between songs while still maintaining core themes throughout his bodies of work. His fans have watched him develop as an artist ever since the release of first projects Adonis Party of 7 and Humble Gods 8, which were both released in 2018. He has since released his latest project, Voids, that shows him in a different light as an artist.

Photo credits: Mackenzie Brown
Photo credits: Mackenzie Brown

The main goal of WHOAMI?'s discography is to create social change. As of recent the entire world has entered quarantine due to the pandemic caused by Covoid-19. This moment in time has caused a major shift in events and has caused some events to be completely canceled, including WHOAMI?'s graduation. Being blocked from being able to experience what you worked hard for is never a good feeling but as an artist, you can't stop creating. He told NBT, “You know we worked so hard for four years, or in my case, five years to earn a degree just to have our graduation canceled. I can see how people in my situation could easily lose inspiration”.

Photo credits: Mackenzie Brown

During a time where people may become uninspired, he has decided to realign himself with his purpose of inspiring social change through music and film. WHOAMI? believes addressing the current state of him and his classmates can help everyone cope with the situation at hand. Using inspiration from the musicians before him he has chosen to return the favor by pushing his slogan“Create Yourself So The World Doesn’t”. What better time to take control of your life than right now, while we have so much time to plan for a comeback from this crazy, global, pandemic.

Quarantine is just the beginning of what WHOAMI? is set to release to the public.“Lose Yourself” is a project that is set to release in early 2021. As we continue to get through this unfortunate event, WHOAMI? will continue to create and inspire the masses. His new single Quarantine is now streaming.

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