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From the Ground Up With Tri-State Artist Roto Bookie

Updated: May 11, 2020

Shot and Edited by Myles Matthews

The northeast region of the country when it comes to music is known for its hip hop culture. New York most notably had their reign as hip hop supreme for over twenty years. Their word play and story telling ability are what attracted the fans of today. Fans across the nation were depicted as people who only lived the lifestyle that was portrayed in the lyrics of the early "gangster rap" music. That was until Marc Ecko, the founder of Complex Magazine, did a mixed cover of Lil Wayne and Travis Baker. This opened a whole knew demographic of kids who everyone realized loved hip hop as well. Everyone that listened to this genre of music were not just from the inner city, but also were in the suburbs riding skateboards and living lives far from the stories that were depicted in their favorite songs. Insert Roto Bookie, a combination of both sides of the spectrum.

Roto Bookie, originally from Brooklyn, New York, who now lives in South Jersey knows the best of both worlds. Before finding himself within music he had devoted passion to playing football, and a love for skateboarding. Growing up in Brooklyn was a complete 180 turn from the suburb he resides in now. With the transition into a new area, he naturally had to find ways to express himself and show his new peers who he truly was. As he continued to grow he slowly became passionate about pursuing a career in music, which he felt would be the ultimate way to showcase a side of him that people had never seen before.

Shot and edited by Myles Matthews

Since his journey in the music industry began two years ago, his local buzz has since made consistent growth, and that growth is definitely a result of his debut project titled "Different Moods". Songs like "What Happened Now" and "Tricks in the Six" showed how versatile he can be when it comes to the style of music he produces. He told NBT that he has a collection of unreleased tracks that he expects to release in the near future.

As his career continues he gives high praise to social media, which has allowed his brand and music to reach people outside of his region. With his mix of melodies and his ability to get lyrical when needed, Roto Bookie's career can only go up from here.

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Roto Bookie: @RotoBook

Written by: Myles Matthews

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