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From the Ground Up With Travel Bloggers Esther and Jacob

Esther and Jacob are what we call elite bloggers, both of them being ranked top five travel bloggers in the United States. The duo is originally from Atlanta, GA, but has spent the last six years moving to a new city each year. The most recent city they lived in was New York City.

Before joining this industry Esther was running a wedding photography business for over eight years. She naturally was looking for a new way to show her travel photography so she used her business website to start sharing their journey. This led to her sharing their stories during the trips they took. One thing led to another and her following began to grow larger and larger. Once she noticed people did this type of thing professionally, she made it into a business and now it is the successful travel blog we see today.

There is a lot that goes into blogging. There is more to it then taking a simple picture, and writing a paragraph about your journey. For Esther and Jacob there is a whole science behind it. Jacob told us “We used to just travel and share our adventure chronologically, but now we try to publish based on what our audience wants or what is highly searched.” When it comes to the photography aspect, details like whether to shoot a vertical shot or wide shot for each social media platform plays a huge role in their posts success.

Their days are broken into two types of days, content gathering and office days. Content days consist of using the entire day to shoot and visit multiple locations. Office days are split between the two. Jacob tends to the emails and writing drafts for the blog, meanwhile Esther edits, finalizes posts, and perfects the content before posting. Once these tasks are complete their content is ready to go. They enjoy being able to control the work they do stating, “Our favorite part is having control of what we do…we dictate how much we work, and have the flexibility to do things we are passionate about.” They don’t want people to get it twisted running your own business is fun, but it takes lot of hard work to build everything from scratch. That’s exactly what this duo has done!

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