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From the Ground Up With the Co-Founder of UE Supply Co. Buddie O

Olabode Oladeinde aka “Buddie O” is a 25 year old out of Chicago, Illinois. He is the Co-founder of a new brand called UE Supply Co. Before UE was founded Buddie O was a student at the Unversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The combination of having a big presence on campus and loving fashion in general, he was naturally inspired by his brother when he was brought the opportunity to start their own brand. His brother Omar Kofi Deneteh, who is the founder, in 2014 used his brothers talents to help bring their vision to light.

When it comes to building the brand his inspiration comes from various places, he told us “ Personally when it comes to designing, a lot of my ideas don’t come from fashion…travel would be the main source.” His love for travel is almost a sense of therapy and allows his ideas to become clearer. There are a number of other influences that spark his ideas such as architecture, food, colors, and conversations enable him to sit and create. Once he gains his ideas, and starts to sketch, he then sends them to his brother to get his opinion. These interactions happen all the way up until designs are finalized.

A lot goes into running a brand; an average day for “Buddie O” , consists of many different obligations. He does anything from fulfilling any orders, coordinating campaigns, and scheduling different events with their production team. The growth they have seen since 2014 has naturally inspired them to continue to grow. Buddie told us, “My favorite part about the industry is how rewarding it could be.” With the great feeling of success, there is always a sense of wanting to out do yourself every time. Social media has allowed them to do so at a higher rate. It has allowed their brand to reach many demographics in a short time, which in return helps increase sales.

“Buddie O” continues to encourage other brands to continue to push to gain relevancy. With that being said he knows it is nowhere near easy, because there are so many different fashion brands out there. As UE continues to grow, their recognition with propel them into a major brand of the future.

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