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From the Ground Up with Singer/Song Writer Pscila

Pscila is a 20 year old musician from Los Angeles, California. Since around 8 years old she has been singing , dancing , and performing in musicals. She did this for a while before entering high school. Once she entered high school she began to distance herself from the music scene and only would sing in private as a hobby. This occurred because growing up she felt pressured to pursue the college route and keep music as a hobby. She followed this idea leading her to study International relations and journalism, which put her on track for law school. If it were not for one of her closest friends pushing her to follow that path, she would have continued the college journey. She told NBT, “ My close friend Cael Dadian took me to my first networking event…he reminded me how important it was to pursue my passions and talents.” She ultimately followed his advice hasn’t looked back since

Studio sessions have become Pscila’s favorite place to be. Late nights with engineers and producers create a vibe for her unlike any other. She enjoys the late night sessions because they really allow her creativity to flourish. Being in this industry is something she takes pride in and finds a lot of inspiration from. Jhene Aiko and Frank Ocean are people who really inspire her and she one day wishes to collaborate with them. Her Instagram is full of snippet’s that have people waiting for her first single to drop, which is set for April. The way she is generating her own buzz through social media instantly grabbed our team’s attention. From the snippets, to her unique sound and being so early in the game we feel when her first single drops it will be the spring board to making her one of the faces of the future in the music industry. #NextBigThing #FacesOfTheFuture

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