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From the Ground Up With Producer Zubin Gadhoke

Zubin Gadhoke, aka “PROD BY Zubin”, is a 21 year old music producer who also manages artists in the music industry. This North Jersey native’s journey started when he was seven years old he started to play the piano. This was his first real introduction to music. Through practice and more time in music his parents noticed the gift he had for percussion, and by age ten he began playing the drums as well. Drums were his natural talent, so for the next eight years he would perfect that craft. He’d constantly come home from school go to his basement and play along his favorite songs for hours until he could match what was coming out of his speakers. His love for hip-hop has been molded into his signature sound that you can hear in his new project he that just released today.

Before producing music he started his college journey at the University of Maryland, College Park where he is set to graduate with a degree in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship. He believes his love for technology and music go hand in hand saying, “I have always been fascinated with technology and how it is driving a dramatic change in the music landscape right now.” This also helped him when he first started producing. He told us he wasn’t allowed to bring his drum set to college and during this transition he was really learning to express himself through music. This inspired him to pick up FL studio, and most recently led him to produce on Ableton. Once he developed his knack for production the studio had become one of his favorite places to be.

Growing through music and expressing yourself through your work is something Zubin really believes in. He also believes that producers are artist as well, and should be treated as such. In the past producers used to get overshadowed by the artist they produced for, but now in the music industry you can start to see more and more producers getting the recognition they deserve. This idea that producers are artist too led Zubin to drop his first ever project. He labels it a beat tape called “Demons Sound Like Angels”. When we got an exclusive look at this project, we felt the idea was great and that a lot more producers will start putting out projects like this. Something like this allows artist to put their vocals on the beats and gives them opportunity to collaborate with producers in the future. With his unique approach to the music industry and with his release of his new project that is streaming now, we believe he could leave his mark on the music industry for years to come. #NextBigThing

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