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From The Ground Up With PR Guru Savannah Britt

Written By | Myles Matthews

Picture via (drdrummerd/instagram)

Part 1

When the lights come on and the cameras start rolling in the music and entertainment industry all eyes are on the talent that is presented at the forefront that people pay to come and see. What the audience normally fails to realize is what it takes to create a space and put together collaborations that will give people an experience that they can hold onto forever. Whether it is putting together brand collaborations, giving clients placements in the top media outlets, or conceptualizing photoshoots, Savannah Britt is as hard-working as anyone in the industry. If you do not already know about her importance and influence, then now is the time to learn how she became known as the PR Guru.

Before she grew into her role in public relations, Sav Britt was known in the media for becoming the youngest person to own their own publication, which was called Girlpez. The New Jersey native used this record-breaking accomplishment as the jump-start to what we have come to realize is a very decorated résumé. Through this experience, she would build long-lasting relationships and connections that would eventually play a pivotal role as she prepared to take a path less traveled.

Sav Britt during the Champion and Kicks USA collaboration. This picture was shot by Ashley Bibbico

Every person’s journey is different from the next person. In Sav Britt’s case, this was a career path that no one I could personally think of took head-on the way she has. We asked her in a recent conversation with NBT what her support system was like and she told us, “ My parents have always supported my endeavors and treated my passion like any other thing kids enjoy growing up like soccer, basketball, or violin lessons. My friends are my army and I love them for that.”

The support she has received on her rise from the ground up comes rightfully so. Her start in public relations came with Steve-O, Saint, and Teneille of a creative agency called GFCNY. She went into detail about her first experience by saying, “ They manage Smoke DZA and that was one of the first entertainers I got to work with hands-on. They gave me a lot of free-range to create…They took a chance with a young college kid like me and I’m forever grateful.”

This picture was shot by Kofi of Kofi Motivation.

In 2012, while attending Rutgers University, she did away with her publication and launched her internationally known agency called The Brittprint. Her main focus became marketing, public relations, and content creation. A day in the life of Sav Britt consists of a variety of things that keep her on the move. Britt’s daily activities can include answering emails and taking phone calls from clients. When she is not doing that she maneuvering from meetings, events, and photoshoots. A process like this is not easy for anyone, so in her interview with NBT we asked what her creative process was like and she explained saying, “ It’s all about understanding the client’s vision, then implementing my professional opinion with that, then launching a story that cohesively connects the client’s brand and the market void.”

The unique ability to understand the market and trends is nothing less than spectacular. Her process is so efficient that it has landed her opportunities to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. Some of these names include 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, Madeintyo, Lil yachty, and Ryan Leslie. Most recently she went to Milan Fashion Week for the first time and this was a huge step for her international brand as she was able to expand her fashion network on a global scale.

Sav attended Milan Fashion Week for the first time in 2019. This picture was shot by Alessandro Martellotta.

The rise of Savannah Britt has been a story that we need to recognize. From her beginning as a 12-year-old prodigy in the media space to her elevation in the entertainment industry, some would call it perfect timing. As we continue to see more black women at the forefront and emerge before our eyes her climb to stardom aligns with the shift that is happening within the industry. She echoed the feeling and stated, “ It’s a pivotal moment for black women in media. I’m energized and wake up every day with the intention to add my contribution to the pot. Black women every day are defying the odds. What a time to be alive!”

As she continues to emerge as a name that is heard throughout international creative spaces, she will become a face that many will remember. The evolution of her brand does not stop in this chapter, as there are big things ahead for her agency. The main focus is to continue to make a cultural impact on every project that her agency deals with. With that being said their biggest mission to date is to scale Africa one project at a time. She disclosed this new information about her big move by saying, “I’ve recently moved to Lagos, Nigeria and I’m really invested in bridging the gap between the diaspora and the continent.”

With her biggest project right in front of her, we can be sure that when it is all said and done Savannah Britt, aka the PR Guru, will have solidified herself for years to come.

Part 2 detailing her journey in Africa will be published on

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