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From the Ground Up With Photographer/Videographer Brandon Images

Meet 17 year old Brandon aka “Brandon Images”, who is a creative out of Seattle Washington. Before Brandon took his talents seriously he was focused on earning a soccer scholarship while pursuing medicine as a sports physician. This was before he found inspiration from creative Gavin Mcleod who does videos for skateboarding and snowboarding. After this he really became passionate for videography, then soon after photography came.

Brandon is currently is still in high school, so he has to fulfill his duties as a student. Outside of school he works for Subaru as a photographer. He likes to do things his own way when shooting, stating “ I like to get shots that people really don’t get, whether it is getting risky with my gear or getting really creative with my angles.” If you take a look at his profile you will really be able to see the way his images differ from your standard photo. He loves being able to travel and create new ideas. Social media helps with his creativity as hash tags help him come up with new ideas as well. Brandon fights with the idea of being a perfectionist, always finding things he needs to improve on. His biggest accomplishment to date is being able to shoot for Atomic helicopters back in 2018, this allowed him to fly in a helicopter for the first time in his life.

Being in this profession has its ups and downs, but being so young allows a lot of room for trial an error on Brandon’s Journey to success. He is all to familiar with rejection telling us “ I sent over 300 emails to companies, just to get a yes from one.” He knows it is more satisfying putting in the work and seeing it pay off. He wants people following in his footsteps to know that nothing happens over night. In Brandon’s case he working daily to keep improving as a creative mind. Following his progress we see that he is definitely in the right direction of becoming the next big thing. #NextBigThing #Photography

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