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From The Ground Up With NateTaylorr

Updated: May 11, 2020

Written By| Myles Matthews

photo credits: (nirvanaonearth/instagram)

As New Jersey continues to emerge as a state that we should continue to take notice of, there is one artist who we have had our eyes on for some time now. NateTaylorr is a 23-year-old emerging artist based out of Freehold, New Jersey.  Unlike many of the artists that we have covered, NateTaylorr has only been pursuing music seriously for a few years now. Before taking the music business seriously he would just make music as a hobby, but that all changed in 2015. The death of his friend Tyler in 2015 changed the course of his life forever. Before his death, Tyler would constantly encourage him to take music seriously and pursue it with a passion. Once NateTaylorr got the news about his long-time friend, he felt as though he at least owed it to Tyler to go all in and give the music business a shot.

While he was continuing to come back from such a significant moment in his life, Nate started to push out new music with his newfound motivation.   His first EP would be titled “Reek EP” that featured a hit record called “Famous”, that had received over 17k streams and built a buzz around the NateTaylorr name. He has since put out two more EPs, NateTaylorr EP and 4 for 1 EP.  The 4 for 1 EP had his fans talking and wanting more music from the emerging star. Songs like “Clarity” and “Second Guessing”, that featured Jersey star Mir Fontane put him in a position to be heard by a bigger audience. With the anticipation centered on the release of Luxury: Reloaded, his fans are expecting to see a different side of him.

Leading up to the October 4th release we asked him what the inspiration behind this project was and he told NBT, “The inspiration behind Luxury was the idea of luxury itself because everyone’s luxury is different… I made sounds that match different vibes and moods. I have “Noto” for partying, I have songs like “My Type” if you’re in your feelings.”

He felt his fans were looking for a different side to his work and told us, “ After I dropped my latest EP my fans said it was good but wanted music that they could party and dance too… I literally made sure I hit every vibe and stayed true to myself.”

As NateTaylorr continues to rise in the industry his ability to produce quality, versatile, and personable music will only continue to allow him to get on the radar of more prominent people in the industry. We can expect to see more visuals, shows, and even a 2020 tour. NateTaylorr closed his interview by telling NBT, “To my fans, thank you for even listening and I am here to stay… To anyone pursuing their dream never let the lows get to you or think it isn’t working. Stay consistent and stay true to you.”

Stream NateTaylorr’s music on all major platforms. Luxury: Reloaded will be available on October 4th.

Instagram @NateTaylorr

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