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From the Ground Up With Musician Rik Woodz

Updated: May 24, 2019

Long before Rikki Woodlin started making her own music you could catch her on the tennis court, or dominating on the lacrosse field. Woodlin was very athletic and even had intentions of playing at the collegiate level. This was before her passion for music took over her life. She has always been in touch with music stating, “I’ve been in musical theatre since I was 10 years old.”

Being apart of a story inspired her to want to create her own story, which she started doing through music four years ago. Now 22 years old, the New Rochelle native is all in on her career. She is an artist that has a team, but when it comes to her lyrics she takes pride in writing and telling her story. Her music has been taking off as of late. This has allowed collaborations with other musicians and brands to present themselves. She recently was contacted by “Starter” to be an ambassador and to give their brand more exposure. When discussing this opportunity she got really excited saying, “Working with Starter has been amazing…I get to go to their Gii Sports headquarter in Manhattan and pick pieces I like. They also sponsored my last music video I shot as well, which was so cool!”

The journey of this business is never easy, Woodlin had a message for emerging artist, “Never stop believing in yourself! You experience tons of ups and downs, but there is no one in the world like you!” After only releasing a single, which reached over 500,000 views, she is set to release her first EP sometime in April. Her new single “ Missing You” is out now! She still says her room is her favorite place to perform, but at this rate she may need to get used the big crowd as she is on her way to becoming a household name in the music industry. #NextBigThing

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