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From the Ground up with Musician Hype Man Kel

H.M.K. aka Hype Man Kel is a 27 year old entertainer and artist from St. Louis, Missouri. Kel has always been someone who enjoyed music and the entertainment side that comes from music. From an early age he grew up in the church singing and performing, because that was always a big thing in his family. Singing with his family led to him making a gospel album at a young age. As most of us grow up our interests change and Kel was no different. As he went through the journey of life his focus went away from music and more towards sports, specifically football. He followed this interest all the way up to college where he played. While he was in school he worked in a restaurant as a cook to help support himself. Once he expired his efforts in sports and finally got his degree from the university, H.M.K. refocused on his music career.

2016 was the year that Hype Man Kel took his career to the next level and started recording his own music. His music journey has been one that has benefitted him so far. The concept of having people knowing your music is something that makes Kel want to keep pushing out more content. He told NBT “ My favorite part is fans enjoying my music…it never gets old experiencing that.” With every high there are lows and that is the part of the process you can never get around. His debut single “You Ain’t Real”, that dropped February 8th, as taken the radio stations and streaming platforms by storm in a number of states. He is set to release his second single “Money & Power” in the coming months. With the buzz and country wide support Hype Man Kel has we can see his sound catching on quicker than people might expect. From opening up in shows, to now becoming the show, if he stays the course he could be labeled as the next big thing and one of our faces of the future. #NextBigThing #FacesofTheFuture #FromTheGroundUp

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