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From the Ground Up With Musician DANSON

Meet Danny Ortiz better known as DANSON , a 23 year old musician who is from Worcester, MA . Music has always been something that sparked his mind. As a child he used to have notebooks filled of rhymes. This was something he really did internally, until he got into high school. High school was the first time he really stepped into a recording booth. Even though he started recording at that time, he still didn’t take it all the way serious until he reached college. His natural love for interactive art pushed him to take his career more serious. His process of creating music doesn’t have a strategic pattern to it, he said, “Sometimes I hear a beat and I just commit to it and it’s done…Sometimes it’s planned out and the process is a little more meticulous.”

DANSON gave a lot of credit to his teammate Zay, who he says is a very gifted artist and engineer in his own respect. Most artist have that one engineer that they always need around because they compliment each other so well, and that is what Zay does for him. This chemistry is great between them and he continues to look for more people in the industry to build with as well. When discussing social media he believes it has its pros and cons stating, “I also believe it has helped saturate the industry which creates more obstacles…but I love how any independent artist can make a name for themselves.”

With the increase of social media maybe it will lead to him being able to collaborate with established artist, such as J.Cole, who is one of his inspirations to date. Having two full-length projects and two EP’s, with the latest being “Art Show”, it might be only a matter of time before his name is labeled as the next big thing. #NextBigThing

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