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From the Ground Up with Musician Amber Ryann

Amber Ryann is a 24 year old recording artist from Pasadena, California. Her love for the elements of music has been something that has been around since an early age. At nine years old she picked up her first guitar, which led to her making her first project that same year. When asked why she gravitated to music at such a young age she told NBT, “ As a kid I saw music as a way to comfort others, help relay relatable emotions, and change the world.”

Fast forward to now. Her soft and smooth vocals mixed her ability to story tell embody everything that helped start her on this music journey. From working a number of dead end jobs trying to find herself, Ryann is now fulltime in music and is not holding back. The emotions put into her songs allow listeners to feel as though they are going through whatever situation she is depicting in her lyrics. Amber Ryann’s recent single “OK OK OK” featuring SOL is what caught our ear, and has gained a lot of attention and could be the song that puts her on a number of people’s radar.

Following this single Amber Ryann is set to drop a slate of new songs tagged with visuals to go along with them to bring her stories to life. Her new single titled “Losin’ My Mind” is set to drop April 12th and is a single her fan base is definitely looking forward too. She realizes in today’s industry you can control your own path if you do it the right way. The direction she is heading speaks for itself. From her style to the persona she gives off, we believe that mixed with her distinctive sound could propel her to becoming the next big thing. #NextBigThing #FromTheGroundUp

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