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From the Ground Up With Mo Jamil

Updated: May 28, 2019

-From the Ground Up-

Mo Jamil is a 23 year old recording artist based in Liverpool. This name may sound familiar to you because Mo was the magical voice that won The Voice UK in 2018. His story life story made him a fan favorite. This victory propelled him into a larger than life figure in the UK. After his success on the voice he released his debut album titled “Evolve”, which landed at #36 on the UK album chart. From the outside looking in fans and supporters thought that he was living his dream and everything was going according to plan, but in reality the cover wasn’t telling the full story of the book that was being written on the inside.

Growing up Mo had been creating music since the age of 14. He naturally had a hard time communicating with others, so music was an outlet and a resource of therapy to express his emotions. The instant stardom and fame is something a great deal of people dream of but do not realize what comes with it. In Mo’s case he was all about his music and fame just happened to come with it. Social media has become a great tool for connections, but no one really talks about the pressure that comes with it. Mo told NBT, “ I feel social media is a blessing and a curse…the bad thing about it is that we have to keep people entertained and occupied and that can be hard when you’re going through things personally.” He began to realize he was losing himself as “Mo the artist”. It even got to a point where he almost took his own life, and his so called fans kept giving him verbal abuse just because he was not posting on social media at the rate they wanted.

2018 was the last we’ve heard from him musically, he is now in a better space mentally and plans to start releasing more music. The one thing that brought him peace can finally bring him peace of mind, and this could potentially lead to some of the best music he’s ever created. The UK music industry is continuously growing with artist like Dave, Klein, and IAMDDB. This comeback puts him right in this conversation. When asked to give advice to emerging artist he said,” Trust your own ability...surround yourself with people who will uplift you and not bring you down.” #NextBigThing

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