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From the Ground Up with Mary Nuygen

Meet Mary Nguyen, she is from Huntsville, AL and currently a Structural Engineer for #NASA. She also has gained quite a following on social media due to her unique ability to tell her story and give more insight to what it is like everyday being in her shoes.

Growing up Mary was a daughter of immigrant parents and would eventually grow into a first generation college student. When asked about why blogging about this part of your life is so important she replied by saying, “ I know that not a lot of people can’t understand or relate to this, but it’s the core of my journey and the woman that I am today.” Her ability to use her situation as fuel allowed her to obtain her two year Business degree from a local community college, which in returned took her to the next level of attending a four year university. Before honing in on becoming an engineer she explored different fields such as business and health, but felt these courses were not challenging enough. The mental aspect of critical thinking and problem solving ultimately pushed her to become an engineer and allowed her creative ability to really flourish.

A normal day for Mary consists of testing and analyzing special test equipment specifically used by NASA, making sure they pass safety standards. This allows her to be hands on so that she can give her team better data about each piece of equipment. When asked about her favorite part about being an engineer she stated, “ We’re inventors, builders, and innovators…we have to be able to think outside the box and do things that have never been done before.” Being a woman in this field can be very challenging, but with social media it has opened many doors for people like herself. Mary’s following has allowed her to be featured on @womenintech IG story, as well as be featured by different brands and companies to help promote their business. When asked if she could give any young girl advice about following in her footsteps she said, “ Dream big, envision for your highest-self, and don’t stop until you get there. If she can do, it so can you.” #NextBigThing Follow her on Instagram @MaryGuy

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