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From the Ground Up With Marissa Joy

Marrissa Joy is a talented artist from Magnolia, NJ, who we recently came across through Instagram. Her very soulful voice that we heard in a number videos where she was performing at “open mics”, instantly grabbed our teams attention. Before Marrissa was this very talented musician, she was someone who tried her hand in many different forms of art. As a young child she was performing on stage doing Tap, Jazz, and Ballet dancing. She instantly realized she had a passion for anything involving art and music. Middle school was the first time she took vocal lessons and would continue to do so all the way though high school. Her love for singing and performing naturally led her to performing in school plays, talent shows, or any other events where she could showcase her talents. Once she stepped in a studio and recorded for the first time, she realized this is something she could possibly do for the rest of her life. Her love for spoken word reflects the way she presents her work, and is the reason we believe her sound is so soulful. Studio sessions are where she can become the most creative. The love she has for art and people has allowed her to do a number of collaborations. She told NBT, “I’ve collaborated with so many talented artist over time and I’m really honored to have worked with them.” All of the work over the years led her to create her first studio album titled “Notebook Therapy” which is a R&B/Soul album. She also released a collaborative album with KikIRude titled “Gemini2” which is a mix of hiphop and R&B. With more projects on the way and a very distinctive sound we are interested to see how long it is before Marrissa Joy goes from singing in the underground to singing on the big stage. #NextBigThing #Music . . #art #gifted #talented #singer #songwriter #blogpost #instagood#upcomingartist #music #soul #rnb #producer #creative #friday #soulmusic#undergroundartist #musicradar #girlpower #women #giftedvoices#fromthegroundup

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