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From the Ground Up with Joshua Beckford

Joshua Beckford first came on the national radar when he went on to study at University of Oxford in England at the age of six. During this time he became the youngest person in the history of this institution to attend the University. He received distinctions in every course he participated in. Achieving these goals instantly put him in the conversation as one of the smartest kids in the world to date. The thing that makes this story even more unique is that Joshua is Autistic.

Fast forward to today, Joshua is now 13 years old. His eyes are set on becoming a neurosurgeon. He is now one of the prominent faces of the National Autistic Society’s Black and Minority campaign. Doing this allows him to put a spotlight on the obstacles minorities with autism have, and he continues to push the need for help and opportunities for those impacted by these circumstances. Beckford has received numerous honors, and even was featured on TED Talks. Along with his notoriety and knowledge he plans to continue to do things that impact our planet in a positive manner. He continues to raise awareness and money for a number of different autism charities, and is a global figure that is appreciated by many. The progression of Joshua Beckford is something that we will continue to follow as he has the potential to impact the world indefinitely. #NextBigThing#FacesoftheFuture

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