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From the Ground Up With Houston's Rising Star Laray Da Savage

Houston has a long list of talented artist that have risen to stardom in hip hop. From legend Scarface, to most recently Travis Scott, to make it out of this city you have to have the "it" factor. As we continue to bring our viewers stories of the faces of the future, we could not help but to add Houston's rising star Laray Da Savage to this series.

Before he was making hit singles Laray was in between balancing life as a student and running the streets. He told NBT, " I was attending school because it was the norm, I was never really interested in the curriculum school had to offer." This eventually led to him leaving school, and finding ways to get paid on his own. The things he would encounter and see on a daily basis in the streets would take a toll on any individual who was living a similar lifestyle to that of himself. From poverty, crime, and everything in between he ultimately decided to take the things he'd witness throughout his life and put it into his music.

In 2016 he released his debut project titled "Beat the Odds". With hit songs One on Ones, Street Life, and Feel No Way we were able to envision every emotion he went through when he first entered the street life. This project had his section of Houston's attention and now people were starting to listen to what he had to say. Just when they thought it could not get better, he dropped Tell Me You Love Me, which elevated him to a status of his own amongst the rest of the emerging artist coming up alongside. The vivid picture he allowed us to see through this lyrics made his fan base feel as though they were going through his evolution in the streets step by step with him.

As he has elevated out of his old lifestyle into his new role as a voice of the streets, Laray Da Savage has the ability to take the industry by surprise. He gives a great amount of love to his home city by saying, " My favorite place to perform is Houston, my core fan base is here and I will always get love here like no other place!" With over 100k views throughout his collection of songs, it's only a matter of time before this emerging star has a core fan base outside of his home city.

2019 has been a busy year already, as he he's dropped two new projects along with a new single titled Soul Talking. Both projects can be streamed on all major platforms. This new collection of music speaks for itself and adds to the plethora of music that has solidified him as an artist we should not take for granted.

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Written by Myles Matthews

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