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From the Ground Up With Founder Spencer Zied

Habits 365 is a brand that has accumulated over 50 thousand followers on Instagram, and shows no signs of slowing down. This clothing brand has a motto of “encouraging positive habits year round.” Meaning that everyone has something they love to do in life, so your habits should support that 365 days, or all year round. This New York based brand has everything you could imagine. They sell anything from street wear, athletic gear, and everyday clothing you can rock while you are going about your normal day.

We got a chance to catch up with the brands creator Spencer Zied, to get a more in depth look on what is like running a brand and creating something that everyone can relate too. Currently located in New York City, Zied told us that doing something like this was always something that he had wanted to do; because it was something many can’t say they have successfully done. A normal day in the company can vary. Normally when he has an idea though, he’ll send it to his team and then they’ll brainstorm from there. He was asked what he loves most about being and entrepreneur he told us, ‘” I love feeling the satisfaction of hard work.”

His hard work is really paying off. Many celebrities like New York Giants safety Landon Collins, NBA basketball player Austin Rivers, comedian Nick Nack Pattywhack, and Dan Rue have all been seen wearing their clothing. Being a brand that supports a lifestyle while being in a city that is considered a lifestyle, can only mean the company can go up from here. Habits 365 is set to drop a designer collection March 1st. Zied left us with a few words for anyone who is on a similar journey as he once was, “Believe in yourself and filter out the noise… and always do what’s best for you.” #NextBigThing

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