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From the Ground Up With Fashion Designer Imogen Evans

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

New York Fashion Week gave us the opportunity to cover one of the newest fashion designers in the business. Meet Imogen Evans, a 19 year old fashion designer from Scotland. She is the Founder and Creative Director of “imi” by Imogen Evans. Her brand is based in the United Kingdom. Her passion for wanting to express herself, led her down this path because she felt like clothes were the best way to express your point of view. This encouraged her to go to Milan to study to become a full time fashion designer .

The lifestyle of being a designer at such a young age does not come easy by any means. She told us that her creative process is very long and thorough. A lot of the time it involves her researching a specific topic, sketching out looks , and then she finally physically makes the designs. When it comes to preparing for shows the process can become even more detailed, causing her hours of work to go late into the night. Only having three months to prepare for this most recent event she claimed the process became very hectic, but was also very fun. She takes pride in the hard work it takes to pull something like this off. Evans told us, “Before my recent show I was working until 4 a.m.” She feels working at night allows her to concentrate much easier. With the completion of her event at NYFW she plans on doing three events in the UK then plans to releasing her latest collection online for purchase.

Being one of the youngest designers we came across in New York, we asked if social media has helped speed up her process of being noticed in the industry. Imogen explained how big of a role social media has played by stating, “Every opportunity I have had has been through Instagram, it’s a powerful marketing tool.” The process it takes to stay afloat in this industry takes a lot of hard work when you’re as young as she is, but she believes it is something that can be done. For people who aspire to be in her position you have to work hard she says, “ The second you’re not working, someone is working harder than you.” #NextBigThing

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