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From the Ground Up With Creator Heman Armstrong

Heman Armstrong is a 22 year old film director and filmmaker from Brooklyn, New York. His vision of making films was something that he always looked forward too as a kid. At an early age he started photography, and even had some of his work hung up in the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. Photography was something he had a passion for, but he wanted to take the next steps in creating. Heman would eventually start using his cousins as actors in his first ever short film. He said, “It was a crappy film, I shot it in my childhood backyard.”

Now that he is fresh out of college he has more time to create ideas. On a daily basis he continues to gather new ideas and research, so that he can perfect his craft. Armstrong tends to gather his visual concepts while being by himself, and then runs them by his best friend who serves as his manager. When they agree on a certain concept, then it’s off to find people to collaborate with. In his eyes he believes social media is a great platform, saying “ Social media is the best platform to get your word across…You have to legit just push yourself to walk through the doors, and that is what most people fail to realize.”

When it comes to the whole production of the film he loves pre-production and the actual production part because that is where is vision comes to life. He realizes being in this profession is not easy because people will be very opinionated, so he makes sure he focuses on himself and his work. The biggest thing Heman had to say for young creative is, “Network, network, network and focus on your work and you’ll be fine.” Being only 22 years old gives Heman plenty of time to perfect his craft, and grow into what we believe is the next big thing. #NextBigThing

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