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From the Ground Up with Creative Entrepreneur Brandon Boone

Brandon Boone is a 28 year old Digital Marketing and Creative Entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. He also founded his own brand called SZN and the co-founder of “The Great Couples”. Before starting his journey as and entrepreneur, Brandon was working in corporate America, most notably working as the Market Manager for a company called Fresh Empire. Throughout his life in corporate America he always had the urge to work for his self. There were many signs that told him to do so and he finally took them. He told NBT, “ After being laid off two times, I took that as a sign that I should not be working in corporate America.” This ultimately led to the launch of his two brands.

Since Brandon specializes in marketing, that was the foundation of growing his personal business. Doing this as well as increasing his social circle was the fuel to get his business running. Through his brands he is expecting to inspire many people, by marketing brands that have a purpose for pushing the culture forward. Day to day operations allow him to do many different collaborations, and he is a huge fan of the “community over competition” motto. Just like many entrepreneurs he loves the flexibility of his schedule but knows when it is time to work he has to be focused. When asked what advice he would give aspiring entrepreneurs he stated, “Find your purpose in life and plan, plan, plan!” From corporate America to business owner the journey of entrepreneurship is never easy, but the marketing ability and process Brandon Boone has in place leads us to believe he is one of the faces of the future. #NextBigThing #FromTheGroundUp

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