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From the Ground Up With Co-Founder of TipHive Shannice Singletary

Meet Shannice Singletary, a 25 year old from Greenville, SC and Co-Founder of new start up called TipHive. TipHive is a new and affordable project management platform. . For Shannice the idea of becoming an entrepreneur came after she got the opportunity to study abroad during her last year at UNI. The opportunity to work at a tech startup was an opportunity she’ll never forget, stating “It was a life changing experience and really opened my eyes to how rewarding true entrepreneurship is.” Once she realized she carried the characteristics of persistence, passion, and hustle, she could not wait to get back home and find an opportunity right in her own city. This is where she eventually met her business partner @JoostWentink ( Instagram ), who sparked the idea of a productivity platform, which they now call @TipHive. A normal day for them consists of brainstorming new platform updates, new product design, and big brand decisions. Along with updates to the brand Shannice makes sure she takes time to plan and create customer support, promotional content, and lead efforts in their fundraising campaigns. As they just recently launched their platform they are open to partner with any brands and influencers who they feel embody TipHive.

With being an entrepreneur there are always the positives of being in control of your time and the amazing feeling of ownership. When it comes to the side that people do not really talk about Shannice is very well aware that there is always a number of things that you cannot account for. She is aware that you have to be prepared to put out fires and be ready to do damage control at any point in time. Startup companies always go through rough patches, but social media has really been an aid. The opportunities to connect are limitless on social media. As for advice she has for others on a similar journey as hers, she said “ Keep a tight budget, and be prepared financially for the ups and downs of growing a new business…and as much as possible get some degree of experience in your field.” As TipHive continues to expand we we will continue to follow this emerging platform of the future.

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