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From the Ground Up With CEO & Director Shaadow Sefiroth

Ange-Michael aka “Shaadow Sefiroth”, is a 27 year old CEO and man of many talents who happens to be from France. At the age of 16 Shaadow found his way into dance. The first genre he danced in was electro dance, but by the age of 17 he really go into hip-hop dance. One of his friends started getting into the hip hop genre, and this led him to follow suit. His desire for creativity, started him on a journey where he now does filmmaking, directing, PR, marketing, and more.

His creative style is one of conscious decisions. We discussed his creative process, and he told us, “ I start by working on a concept then I will correlate the song, styling, scenery and moment with it.” His main drive is finding a way to make his ideas become concrete. An average day for Shaadow can consists of various things depending on where he is located at the time. On average he’s away traveling 2-3 months out of the year. Days can include touring, workshops, lectures, performances, and connecting with friends to share ideas. Having friends in a variety of different industries allow his collaborations to be more fun. He collaborates and also markets different brands to help their products be more appealing. Social media has played a huge part in allowing the connections to happen more frequently. He stated “ Social media gave the opportunity for those without access to create an access for themselves.”

Over the last few years social media has helped turn Shaadow into a familiar face in a number of different industries. From age 16 until now he has built his name from the ground up. A decade of hard work and dedication has allowed many of his projects to become very successful. Projects he has directed such as “The Adaption of the Feudal Japanese Samurai War”, along with choreographed work like “Sony Advert” have received great responses. To see more projects follow him and watch him continue grow into one of the faces of the future. #NextBigThing #FacesOfTheFuture

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