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From The Ground Up With Bri Ray

Written By|Myles Matthews

Rachel Cole Photography

When you think of all the reasons that people listen to music, one thing that is consistent in every listener's mind is that they use it as a mechanism to obtain a certain feeling or to acknowledge a certain message. When I first came across Bri Ray as I listened to her latest record titled Woman, I could understand the empowerment in her lyrics directed towards women across the world. Her ability to depict the feelings and obstacles women face in relationships put a spotlight on her ability as an artist. The clarity in her message intertwined with her soothing range of vocals gave us no choice but to add her to our series.

Bri Ray is a 22-year-old singer/songwriter from Orem, Utah. Her passion for music began at the age of eight as she wrote her first song ever. Even though she wrote her first song at an early age she did not begin to pursue what we now know as her gift until she was 15 years of age. Prior to the journey, she is on now she had grown a love for the game of soccer, telling us “I used to play soccer competitively growing up, and I thought that was what I wanted to do.”

Rachel Cole Photography

As time went on Bri began turning her focus on music and eventually started taking classes to hone in on her skills. The classes she continued to attend brought out her passion for music to the fullest extent, and in return, music became her life. Since she went all-in on her music career she has put together a solid catalog of work. Her catalog consists of a variety of songs including her latest single Woman, Like I Do, Two Wrongs, and Sweet Thing. When asked about what she believes her most successful record was to date she told us, “By looking at the numbers, my most successful original release was Like I Do…from an artist standpoint it was my most recent song, Woman.  I was able to really demonstrate who I am as an artist more than I did on any track prior.”

As for where’s she is at now, she gave high praise to her team of producers and co-writers. She acknowledges their ability to help her create and put together ideas that take her music to the next level. Along with her team, she believes that social media has given artist like herself the ability to jumpstart their following and career on their own. She is very excited about what her future holds and is expected to continue to release a number of singles in the months to come. As her music continues to be discovered and her opportunities continue to present themselves, I have great confidence Bri Ray will be one of the faces of the future within the music industry.

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