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From the Ground Up With Author Wynnikka Matthews

Wynnikka Matthews is a 23year old author, from Toronto, ON Canada who also has a brand called “Wyn Inspires.” Wynnikka’s childhood story is one of perseverance and success. Her book “Brighter Days Ahead | A Young Woman’s Story of Fortitude Living with Obstetrical Brachial Plexus Injury”, was inspired by her late mother. She told NBT that her mother came to her during her senior year and suggested that she write a book to raise awareness for children and youth like herself.

The process of writing a tell all book can be frightening and discouraging at times, but for Wynnikka her “Why” was way more important than the actual process of revealing important times in her life. In her book she talks about many different scenarios that altered her life such as having anxiety from bullying, suicidal thoughts, and coping with her mother’s death. Explaining these events allowed her story to be raw and authentic. The process of being self-published was a learning experience for her that had many ups and downs. The nights were long as she did not want to leave out any details. Love and support from family and friends had played a huge role in her life, and ultimately played a huge part in the completion of her book.

Since the completion of her book Wynnikka has dropped a clothing line @shopWYN4BPI where 60% of the proceeds will be donated to a BPI charitable organization. Social media has helped her story get out to the public more than she could imagine. The support and inspiration has helped her keep pushing. When asked to leave us with a message for any youth aspiring to be anything, she told us “Remember your WHY!... Hold on to it and let it be your drive and never quit!”

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