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From the Ground Up with Author Jourdan Blair

Jourdan Blair is a 24 year old writer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Writing was not something he’s been doing seriously for a long time at all. As a matter of fact Jourdan started writing just two years ago in 2017. Before he started writing Blair was a full time athlete, and was pursuing a professional soccer career in Europe. Everything on the outside looked ideal for him, but in reality that was the furthest thing from the truth. Low points in his life combined with unhealthy environments, and not being able to express himself led to him writing. This served as an outlet for him to express himself, which in return released that feeling of having his feelings caged in.

Blair’s feelings and challenges he’s faced throughout his life not only translated to writing, but also translated into him creating his first major project titled, “Twenty-First Century War Stories”. His ability to story tell mixed with his ability to trigger the reader’s emotions is gift not many people can say that they have. The concept of everyday struggle within different generations tied into warfare is a creative concept that gives Blair’s book a distinctive feel to it. “Twenty-First Century War Stories” is now out on #Amazon, and we look forward to seeing what new projects he has in store for us next.

The ability to create has opened different doors for Jourdan in his young career. His talents have allowed him to collaborate with brands and other rising creatives. When asked about other writers who are making an impact, Blair showed hight praise for previously featured creative Ugly Stephen telling NBT that he is one of the emerging talents he’d love to collaborate with in the future. As Jourdan continues to find different ways to express himself and allow creativity to flourish, we believe he will be on a lot more people’s radar. Whether it is through writing stories, creating poetry, or his ability to model we expect to see Jourdan Blair continue to blossom in more ways then one. #NextBigThing #FromTheGroundUp

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