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From the Ground Up With Asoh Black!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Photo Credit: Tyler Blint-Welsh

Photo Credit: Tyler Blint-Welsh

There is a specific standard that the hip-hop culture has set for artists coming out of New York City. There is a certain mix of wordplay mixed with a defined presence that will separate your work from the rest of the competition. When it comes to Asoh Black! and his debut mixtape, Black Ocean: Season One, he put his ability on display.

Years before he had compiled a collection of songs to put on display, the 24-year-old used to pen poetry. His poetic ability would naturally transition into the artist that he has evolved into today. Asoh explained, "I started making music in college even though I had been writing for a while. I first picked up the pen early on when I would write poetry in middle school. I always felt clever and it was always revered in my family when my older brother would do it...Ever since I’ve started maturing into my own, I had an inclination to music."

Black Ocean: Season One, is a mixtape that has songs that lift your energy. From the moment you turn on his tape, Asoh makes you feel the purpose in every lyric he puts into a song. "Foolie", the song that has been getting a lot of attention puts Asoh Black's energy on display, while songs like "347 Sh!t" and "Staying Sober" display how versatile he really is.

Photo Credit: Rio Asch Phoenix

As the journey continues for Asoh music is not the only industry that he has the ability to elevate in. Having a master's degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as apart of his resumé allows him to expand his brand and maneuver as a businessman. The versatility throughout this mixtape was influenced by what Asoh learned in the classroom. This debut mixtape had to be created in a way that did not lack innovation in any way. He explained, "Black Ocean was something that came from a class I took in college centered upon technological innovation. A concept that really drew me was one that highlighted how certain industries can become stagnant through red ocean methods that mitigate risk but subsequently minimize innovation."

The potential of Asoh Black! through innovation, mentality, and musical ability give us the idea he's headed in the right direction. His debut project has grabbed the attention of plenty, now we are eager to see how he will follow this up to elevate himself to the next level.

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