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From the Ground Up With Artist Wallahi G.

We got a chance to catch up with Wallahi Genius aka Wallahi G. His song “College Town” that was done with artist Heat Mcgee really has grabbed listeners attention. Wallahi G is 28 year old rapper from Michigan. He first started making music when he was just 12 years old and was part of a group called the Young Macks. Originally he only would do freestyles for his friends but never took it seriously, that was before his best friend Krystal pressured him to pursue a career in rap. Like a lot of people Wallahi took the college route out of school. When asked why he went to school when rap was his passion he said, “ I went to school for marketing, and jobs so I could fund my dream of being a professional musician.”

Being in the music industry is one thing and being successful in it something that is not easily done. Wallahi writes his music and sits there all day until his product is complete. Then after his song is completed he tends to rehearse his music multiple times before stepping in the studio. His method for this is that if has his music down before he steps in it will cut down on studio costs and that will allow him to get more music out in a more efficient manner. Every artist has motives and things they like most about creating music and I asked what his were and he said, “ My favorite part is creating something that doesn’t exist yet, and hearing people share my music with other artist and music lovers.” He has done this on multiple occasions varying from “open mic” performances, all the way up to performances in front of hundreds of people. He believes social media will allow his music to reach people that never before would have heard him, and gives a platform for underground artist to be seen.

With songs like “College Town” and “2am (Your Love)” I don’t believe it will long before the right opportunity comes to propel his career to the next level. Wallahi is currently working on a mixtape in Nashville and left us with this, “If you believe you can do something execute that vision and capitalize on any opportunity you have to showcase your skills.” #NextBigThing #Music

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